Saturday, April 2, 2011

Finally, a BOY!!

In between writing research papers and creating powerpoint presentations, I some how managed to make a card for a family friend.  So much of my baby inspired cards have been either neutral or pink, but finally, some one is having a boy! So far this year, 3 of my friends have had little girls, and as for my other friend, we will find out in 3 weeks or less.  Definitely can't wait for that!!

But back to the card...  I wanted to do something cute, but not girly.  So I went with some pretty standard baby boy colors: blue and brown.  I got this blue distressed checkered paper a long time ago, and I have just been dying for an excuse to use it.  So, naturally, it was kinda my inspiration piece for the card.

And you know me...  can't resist a sale.  Michael's was having a clearance on that blue ribbon like 6 months ago, so I bought way too much of it and hadn't even taken the wrappers off until I did this card.  But it was totally worth it... right?

I wanted to do something fun for the insert of the card, rather than just a blank insert, or something with color-blended edges, so I had some fun with my New Arrivals Cricut cartridge and cut out a bunch of fun shapes in different colors and textures. 

I LOVED the way the ducky came out; I used yellow paper that has dots embossed into it.  I thought that it was super cute with the texture.  And plus, I'm starting to love polka dots on everything.

Speaking of polka dots...  I got a new stamp that looks kinda splatter paint ish and I was embossing with it last night for these bachelorette party invites I'm doing.  Super stoked about that.  BUT!  I'll be bringing you those pics once they are done.

Until then...  happy crafting!!


  1. This card turned out GREAT! I love the ribbon, and that distressed paper is just awesome!

  2. Thank you!! I definitely had fun making it :]