Saturday, October 30, 2010

Let the holidays begin

So the holidays usually mean lots of family gatherings, lots of food, and hustling and bustling around.  But this is my favorite time of year.  This is the time of year where everything is an inspiration.  There is color and life in everything you see.  This time of year, I need a chaparone for when I go into a craft store otherwise I'll be there for hours just staring and planning.  Here of some of the end results of that staring, imagining, and planning.

This is what typically happens when I walk into a craft store.  I get more than I actually need.  I originally went to get stuff to make a wreath for our front door, but seeing as I had lots of left over materials, I couldn't just let them go to waste.  So I made a centerpiece for our dining room table.

The Hubster and I love to entertain, so I found it only appropriate to make sure our home looked and felt welcoming... starting with the moment you pulled into our driveway.  So naturally, a festive autumn wreath was definitely in order.  Which was the original reason for walking into the craft store on that one particular day.