Saturday, October 29, 2011

Surrounded by wreaths!

My dear friend Hayley from Smiling Circus asked me to join her at a Holiday Boutique in the beginning of Novemeber.  Seeing as I had only a couple weeks to prepare, I had to quickly hop to it.  I've been workin away every night after the regular 9-5 job on recreating a bunch of the favorites from the cards that I've done.  But this boutique needed something bigger...

So I hit the craft stores for some inspiration, and both Joann's and Michael's were having massive sales on the autumn silk flowers, so, wreaths it was. 

It took a little bit to find my grove since it's been amost over a year since I've made a wreath, but once I found my flow, it was like I knew exactly where every little piece belonged.

And this next one is my favorite.  Once it was done, I told the Hubster I didn't want to sell it because I felt like it fit so perfectly on our door.  But after some convincing, I was pursuaded and gave in.  If it is perfect for a door, then some one who can't make it should have it for her door.  I can always make myself another one.  

I love the mix of reds and greens and pops of yellow.  Something about it just seemed simple, yet intricate. 

Even though a SoCal autumn means temps in the low 70s in the day and at least in the mountain ish area that I live 40s over night, something about hanging these wreaths signifying the change in seasons just gets me ready for scarves and boots.  Although, it may not get that cold until January...  I'm excited non the less. 

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!!  It's back to the craft cave for me.

~S. Elle Designs~