Friday, April 15, 2011

No More Hiatus!!

I know I told all you guys that I'm having to take a bit of a break from crafting to finish my degree...  but I just can't stay away!!!

My parent's wedding anniversary was yesterday, so naturally, I had to put together a little something to send to the best parents in the world.  I didn't have my camera with me to take pictures of the card before I sent it, so I just made a duplicate card to keep in my stash.  I'll be getting my camera back this weekend so I will definitely take some pics to show you all.

AAAANNNNDDDD.... now that I've gotten my creative juices flowing again, I seriously cannot stop!  I have a birthday card and bachelorette invites started that I just gotta finish up.  And I have a super awesome idea for Mother's day cards that I can't wait to explore.  I know Mother's day is still a ways away, but I got a lotta mommas in my life, so lots of cards to make.  I'm sure the suspense of all my projects is just killin you, so I will be sure not to disappoint! 

Until next time...  happy crafting!

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