Saturday, August 13, 2011

Late to the party: Father's Day

I was really excited when I got my Wrap It Up cart just before Father's day, because it had a tie in it and other random holiday designs.  When I was looking at all the designs included on the cart, I saw the tie, and I knew I had the perfect paper for it. 

My dad was very "suit and tie" for work when I was little, so I knew I just had to make him a special Father's Day card.  I put the tie and the frame on pop dots, and it made the tie stand out exactly like how I had pictured it.  "thanks DAD" stamp was one of those $1 sets from Michael's.

Even though this is one of my favortie designs so far, one of the biggest reasons this is at the top of my favorites lists is because I got to fill the whole inside telling my dad how much I appreciate him and how important he is in my life.  It seems silly to wait for only a few times per year to tell some one how much you love them and appreciate everything they mean to you. 

I hope that we all can start affirming and encouraging those around us all the time, and not save our affections for only certain moments.  I hope you all have having a good weekend so far!

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