Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Little One

This last weekend, we welcomed little Amelia into the world.  One of my bestest friends of all times had her precious little baby girl this weekend.  I was so excited to see my friend and to finally meet this new little one.  BUT FIRST, I had to make a card to welcome Amelia.

Even though I knew the baby is a girl, I still went with seemingly generic color scheme.  But the reason I chose pink, blue, and green, is because it matches the colors in Amelia's room.  Which is so freakin adorable... might I add.

So after scribbling some notes and sentiments on the inside of the card, I was off to go help Mom by cleaning her house a bit, since Amelia was earlier than expected.  I am so excited about the addition of this precious little one into our lives.  And forsee many many birthday cards on the horrizon...


  1. Thanks!! Some of the spur of the moment cards are my favorite designs :]