Sunday, March 20, 2011

Adventures of the Pink Embossing Powder

So, I fully intended on making this weekend into Crafting Madness, and locking myself away in my craft cave and creating little bits of magic.  I got home on Friday, fully inspired and ready to go.  I sat down with the description of the order and got to sketchin.  After planning with the Cricut Design studio a bit, and busting out my box of markers, I had these invites down.  So Stoked that I actually planned everything out without even breaking out by boxes of scapbook paper, my usual inspiration.

So after 2 hours of planning, sketching, and coloring, I head into the craft cave and dive into by supplies.  No pink embossing powder.  No biggie, right?  I'll just swing by Michael's and pick some up, gotta get some feathers anyway.  So at 8 pm, I venture out to Michael's.  Luckily they were having a clearance sale on glitters/embossing powder.  Unluckily for me...  they were picked clean.  The only powders left were ones I already had.  It's okay, I'll just run across the street to JoAnns.  But when I get there, they don't even sell embossing powder!!!!  By this time, it is 10 minutes from closing and I am sent home without the most important aspect of my invites.  Though, I was able to get the feathers without any difficulty.

Back in the craft cave, I start laying out the feathers and ribbons on the card, and I am totally bummin that embossing will have to wait another day.

But Saturday, was Amelia's day.  The Hubster and I headed out for a visit with Amelia and her fam bam, giving the new Mom and Dad a break from the feeding and diaper changes.  Another day without crafting.  But...  I'll admit, totally worth it.

So today was the day.  Today I would scour southern Orange County for some pink embossing powder.  Went to a different Michael's first...  nothing.  I'm startin to get bummed since there is only one other Michael's craft store that I know of in my area.  With a slight delay of lunch with the Hubster and a friend, I continued my search for the elusive pink embossing powder.  With fingers crossed, I walk over the the stamping section... no pink.  Martha Stewart was my last hope for this store...  Headed a few aisle over, holding my breath, I find bright pink, sparkling embossing powder!!!!  Woop Woop! Victory!

But, on our way home from the craft store, the food coma from lunch hit, and before I knew it, I was waking up from a nap and it was 5:30pm.  Another day without massive crafting.  It's okay though.  I have something to keep me pushing though my day at work.  Anticipating the moment that I get to come home and craft. 

So on the eve of another Monday, I hope you all enjoyed your weekend!!!  Stay safe and dry out there... the weather is pretty intense over where I'm at.

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