Sunday, March 6, 2011

Baby Shower, Flowers, and Cards

So much of my time lately has been spent on the planning and preparation of a baby shower for one of my dear friends, Misty.  She and her husband have ASTONISHING will power, and have decided to not find out the gender of their baby until the little precious boopshie arrives and surprises the world.  Thus, the baby shower was of gender neutral colors; it was a little difficult, but yellow and green are some of my fave colors.  You may have seen in previous posts the green and yellow cards and treat bags, so we had to have some coordinating flower centerpieces as well. 

I thought, green, yellow, and white flowers, what a cinch!!  But it was actually kinda difficult to find flowers in my area that looked decent in this season.  Probably had something to do with all the rain we've been having this year.  But thanks to Ralphs and Costco, I was able to put together 3 large and 3 small centerpieces.

I must admit, when I started to assemble the first arrangement, I thought, "What the heck did I get myself into?  There is no way I can pull this off..."  And considering it was the night before the shower, I was startin to get a little worried.  So I told myself, this will work.  This HAS TO work.  And thankfully my head clicked into gear and I whipped these out.

All of the roses opened up by the morning, looking full and gorgeous.  I was so stoked that they filled out.  This was one of my favorite of the smaller centerpieces.

About two weeks ago, the Scrapbook Expo was in my area, so I went with my sister and one of my co-workers (owner of Delo Designs).  We had an uber blasty blast, but were exhausted by the afternoon.  We all came out with amazing things and eager to bust out crafts with our new toys.  I rediscovered some cool techniques I had forgotten about, and found out new about new toys, like a letterpress.  Which will be my next toy...  **wink wink, Hubster**

The Hubster and I also attended a wedding last weekend and I thought it would kinda be against the rules to give a store bought card, considering I'm trying to start my own card business.  So this was another whip something together card. 

You can't really tell, but CONGRATS is embossed in black.  Silver swirls were also embossed

Their red, black, and white wedding was GORGEOUS! And so so so much fun.  It was great to see a lot of the Hubster's friends from the marines again, and nice to finally get to meet some of the wifeys.  There were lots of pictures...  and lots of drunkennes... lol  But all in all, it was a beautiful wedding, and lots of congrats to the new Mr. and Mrs. 

I just had to use some of my new toys from the expo, so I embellished the insert on the card
Without fail, when I walk into a craft store, I find stacks of paper that I feel I just cannot live without.  So my stash of paper is borderline getting out of control.  Before I got to the Scrapbook Expo, I told myself, that I would absolutely not buy any paper, what so ever...  But, as I'm sure you could guess, walked out with almost more paper than I could carry.  Thankfully, just after the expo, I had an order for Thank You cards so buying all that new paper felt justified.

After scouring the interwebz for card ideas and seeing demos of people blending borders on their designs, I just had to try it out on a card of my own.  One of my other co-workers was thinning her crafting collection, and graciously thought of me.  So I decided to give it a whirl.  I think it turned out pretty good.

I spent most of my morning getting my craft cave organized, so I have a renewed passion to get in there and make stuff happen.  Plus... I have orders coming in, so I have to get it crackin.  But I'll leave you with one last picture.  One that was snapped quickly with my phone, but gives me an uber big smile...

Just a little peek into my world of crafting.  I can't wait to make more stuff happen and to share it with you!  Until Next time...

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