Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Holiday Boutique

This past weekend was the "big" debut for S. Elle Designs.  I joined up with Hayley from Smiling Circus for a Holiday Boutique in Irvine.  We were both excited, nervous, and tired, seeing as this was our first event ever for the both of us, and we had only two weeks to prepare.  I brought all my wreaths and 13 sets of cards.  Smiling Circus has mostly sewn items but also embelished vintage windows.  Sewn items included bibs, lovie blankets, flower clips, and coffee cozies. 

The Hubster came to help us set up our booth and helped us arrange the layout since we didn't have any time to prep that ahead of time.  He was also a great, big, huge help on transporting everything from the car into the venue, since neither of us had a fancy wheely cart.  

Hayley had an awesome vintage-y bookshelf to display my sample cards.  You can also see this awesome window that everyone just had to get their hands on.

Funny story about the wreaths... Since it was such short notice, and I didn't want to spend a ton of money and time looking for a display easel, I had no idea how to showcase the wreaths.  So I scoped out Target in the hopes that I would find some inexpensive or clearance shelving when I walked down the laundry aisle.  And then the light blub went off!  A handwash drying rack.  PERFECT!  Thankfully I already had the rack, so I was all set.  Just needed some shower hooks and I was golden.   And I think it turned out pretty nifty.

In this one, you can see the wreaths as well as the windows from Smiling Circus.  These two windows have hooks added to them.  One of them also has glass etched leaves.

We were pretty bummed with the turn out of the event.  Based on information from past years, there wasn't a good turnout this year.  There were lots of lookers and touchers, but hardly any buyers. All in all, it was an interesting experience.  I think I'll do another boutique or craft fair again... just with much, much more notice next time...

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