Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Father's Day

Soooo... not sure what happened to the post I published over the weekend.  I guess I'll jut have to re-type it "/

Happy Belated Fathers Day!!

Better late than never I suppose... But I finally bring you some of the Father's day cards from this year.

I had specific themes for this order of Father's Day cards.  The customer's father is in India, so she wanted something to match the culture.  So lots of vibrant colors and the shinies as I like to call them. 

This was another specific theme request.  The theme was San Francisco, so at first I tried to make something that looked like a trolley, but that definitely did not work.  So a couple weeks after I got this request, my new cartridges came in, so I was super stoked to use my Destinations cart. 

My cricut, however, was not so thrilled.  I think it was throwing a temper tantrum because it was shredding and tearing all the paper I tried to cut for the Golden Gate Bridge.  So I had to get a little creative and make my own "golden" gate bridge.  Took some yellow Bazzill Basics paper and distressed it with Tea Dye and Wild Honey distressing ink. Also did a bit of distressing around the backgroud of the card to get it all to mesh together.

Not too shabby if I do say so my self :]

Well crafters, I'm off to bed, but I just wanted to re-post what didn't want to post over the weekend.  I hope everyone has an enjoyable Hump Day tomorrow!

Until next time happy crafters...