Thursday, May 5, 2011

Red, White, and Black Birthday

Good morning crafters!!!!

Today is my Friday, so I am super stoked to get today up an moving.  Ya know that birthday card I've been talking about??  Well it is finally time that I can bring it to you. 

My sister is very classy old school vintage, and I'm talkin, fave music group is the Rat Pack, totally Frank Sinatra style.  Loves everything black, white, and red, and a big fan of the paisley theme.  So I knew I just had to come up with something for her super special 21st birthday.

I've been itchin to put my Cricut Design Studio to work, so I created this background with the one flower lookin designed and copied, and welded all the images together.  Let me tell ya, pulling this intricate design off a super sticky mat was tricky!!  I was so nervous I was going to rip it an have to start all over. 

I also got a bunch of birthday stamps and if you know me and my sister, we LOVE dessert and baking.  So when I saw this cake and ice cream stamp, I knew it would be just perfect.

So stickin with a classy elegance, I went with a monogrammed "21" for the insert.  Used the Design Studio again to weld the numbers together into one image.  It was a little tricky to get the shadow to match excatly, but I am so stoked with how it turned out. 

And of course, she loved it!!

I also got her a white picture frame that mostly matched the white pattern on the front of the card.  It was seriously perfect.

Hope you all have a good Cinco de Mayo!!

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  1. I LOVE this card!! Sooo cute & elegant at the same time!! :) Great job!! :)